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With The Power Of Light, Remove Cellulite & Fat


Reduce, Contract & Shape Your Body FDA Approved, Scientifically Proven

  • Shrink waist, buttock, or thigh areas » Eliminate cellulite pockets
  • Improve body shape & contour
  • Enjoy tighter & smoother skin
  • Reduce circumferences by 1-2 inches

The End Of Frustrating Fat

Even if you workout and diet, some parts of the body accumulate pockets of cellulite and fat no matter what. What if you could specifically target these areas and get rid of the ripples and dimples that cover your hips, stomach, buttocks, or thighs? With Medilean’s BodyFX treatment system, you can.

Improve your figure without an efficient exercise routine.

The particular technique we use is Lipo Laser treatment. The difference with this treatment is that while it can dislodge fat calls it allows the body to maintain important tissues that are lost during invasive liposuction. What makes this type of body contouring different is that it is a non invasive treatment. READ MORE

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I had a Great experience with Medilean Wellness. Everyone was very nice, saw good results and I feel better about myself. I lost weight. It does take some time, but so does anything worth while. Everyone is Very supportive.

Lyndsey Humble

My experience with the Synerslim was AWESOME! The program works wonderfully. I lost my muffin tops, and lost a lot of weight in just 3 weeks. And my cellulite is looking better. I loved it.

Tracy Kroh

The muffin top has most disappeared. Very happy with the results. It does work (with some discipline) I learned how to eat healthier for life. My jeans I wear have no hang over. The skin lines up with the side of my jeans. My husband likes it too.

Michelle Youle